Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators

2014 SPAGE Fall Conference - Save the Date!

The 2014 SPAGE Fall Conference will be held on Friday, November 7, 2014, at Middle Georgia State College in Macon.  Mark your calendar now! 

What is SPAGE?

The Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators (SPAGE) was organized by the PAGE Foundation in 1987. Its members are college students who are in teacher preparation programs throughout the state. In the last ten years, SPAGE membership has grown from several hundred to over 14,000. Currently, there are SPAGE members in more than 50 Georgia colleges. Through PAGE's publications, services and statewide meetings SPAGE members receive up-to-date information on education legislation, salary schedules, and current "hot" issues in the teaching field.

"Perhaps the most important benefit we offer our SPAGE members is liability insurance," explains Mary Ruth Ray, the state director for SPAGE. "It is a necessity for students who are already working with children through their practicums, student teaching, and other field experiences. We also offer many other services and benefits, including workshops on topics such as classroom management and the state code of ethics, and assistance with preparation for the GACE exams." Our next generation of schools will be only as good as our next generation of teachers. That is why the work of SPAGE will continue to be an important focus of the PAGE Foundation.

  • Click here to view a short PowerPoint presentation about the value of joining a professional organization 
  • Click here to see a short PowerPoint presentation about PAGE and SPAGE 





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